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the year in review

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It's snowing like crazy and it's so beautiful. we're supposed to get up to a foot, plus a nor'easter this weekend. Looks like it will be a white christmas. Gotta get some photos.


Went to the doctor have a rip roaring sinus infection. And it really sucks, my whole head feels like a giant marshmallow ready to explode. Hopefully the meds will kick in soon. I wish I could get my sinuses to behave before the nor'easter comes roaring in. The air
pressure change really cranks up my head.



 Why do cats have to eat everything on the floor? Had to take kitty to the vet for gastroenteritis which was a little expensive. She's home now but the twice daily doses of medicine can best be described a trial. she's nmot a good patient. On the positive side we have a good set of storms coming through later. there's nothing like a good thunderstorm . (my midwest roots are showing). hopefully I'll get some good pics from it. and i gotta get out and get some more fall photos while I can.


It has been an interesting week so far. sunday was the christening of my brothers adopted boy, and that and the reception were great, however.......... when we got home darrah was very ill( more so than usual), And we had to put her down monday morning. which sucked but she was really suffering, and it was hard to let go. she and the estate which was just settled, are the last tangible obstacles for closure regarding my parents death And tuesdaynight was my belated birthday party, at senor panchos which was a blast though I am a bit gassy today. (hiding from the epa!) so the rest of the week should be interesting.


 There is nothing like roaming around on a beautiful fall day with my camera , to really appreciate life. And be thankful for all I have.


Another year gone by today. The more that go by the less significant the occasion seems to be.  As nice as the attention can be, anymore the gathering of the clan is much more meaningful to me. Our lives become busy and cluttered that we don't take the time to realize what is slipping away. the fellowship of the family is so important to a happy life. At least it is for me. I was blessed with warm caring parents, and loving siblings who have remained close throughout the years. (just look at our phone bills!) Enjoy all thelove taht life throws you and never lose your family. 



Today I hit the road and went up to Mohawk Mountain. It was a beautiful day sunny and 60 degrees with very little wind. There is something soul cleansing about sitting on a rock and listening to nature. It is such a pleasant change from life. Things seem to be in a circle lately. I need to break out in a different direction. I need to get going on my photography.



It is interesting to me how much clouds can affect ones moods. It is overcast and gloomy outside which is precisely how I feel at the moment.



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